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Review of postings for 3D Printer Improvement (the latest posts first)
ocinside Erstellt: 20:27 am 18. Mai 2022
Sorry that all file names inside of the zip file are only in German.
I'm currently not in the office to check the stl files but "Schleppkettenhalter_X-Schlitten" and "Schleppkettenhalter_Y-Schlitten" and "Schleppkettenhalter_ZX" should be the ones you're searching for and can be used with this custom design :thumb:
jodrell Erstellt: 19:38 am 18. Mai 2022
Hi, where can I find the models for the drag-chains used in your upgrade? The download seems to have all the models other than that and I really can't find a decent set of drag chains for the Mega S
ocinside Erstellt: 10:44 am 19. Mai 2021
The 3D models are now available for download here :thumb:
ocinside Erstellt: 10:37 am 19. Mai 2021
Today Daniel would like to present you the upgrade of his Anycubic Mega S 3D printer.

Basically, the Mega S already delivers pretty good printing results from the factory, but we would highly recommend a few of the upgrades shown below to any Mega S owner. Especially with the cable routing Anycubic didn't cover itself with glory!

Thanks for the support to Daniel and have fun reading the new instructions :coffee:

Here you can go to the new Mega-S 3D Printer Conversion Guide