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Review of postings for dual xp (the latest posts first)
jchanbr Erstellt: 0:31 am 4. Feb. 2004

I want to try in a dual barton XP.

To close the brigdes in the new barton green package with varnish layer, need some special care?

corallus Erstellt: 18:26 am 20. Aug. 2003
Simpli close the last L5 Bridge....i do this by my both XP 2400+ and works fine...:thumb:

Regards corallus
P4Peiniger Erstellt: 5:08 am 1. Aug. 2003
this might help:


or look here

too lazy to use google :lol:

(Geändert von P4Peiniger um 5:09 am Aug. 1, 2003)
NWD Erstellt: 22:48 am 30. Juli 2003
its the same with all amd´s since the duron morgan and the palo

but i dont know the bridge ..

somewhere is a pair of bridges, one cut and one closed and you have to change them ( like the L10 )

but i think in the german part of the forum is somewhere a topic about it ill look for it
stefaz Erstellt: 14:16 am 30. Juli 2003
1700+s cuz i can get them cheap. i also need to buy a case. can you recommend one that is reasonably cheap?
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mastaqz Erstellt: 19:20 am 29. Juli 2003
which xps d'you wanna take?
stefaz Erstellt: 12:59 am 28. Juli 2003
i want to run dual athlons and need to convert xp chips to mp chips. i would like to know what i need to do and how to do it.

ta stefaz