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Review of postings for A Question for Pzed22, please answer (the latest posts first)
pzed22 Erstellt: 11:42 am 5. März 2003
No problem, you can use that image. I think it's originally based off an image in the AMD athlon-4 datasheets, but I doubt AMD will go after you

Tassadar Erstellt: 3:37 am 24. Jan. 2003
Hi Pzed22, I've made a very complete guide called 'How to use an XP on KT133/a chipsets', And this guide is gonna be uploaded to

The question is that I've select 2 images to explain the resistor mod, and one of them is a little variation of the image you used in those forums:

I've translated the text into spanish, and little more.

Before uploading the guide I want to ask you permission to use this image, because I don't know if it was public-domain or you made it, or....

Thank you very much.

(Geändert von Tassadar um 3:42 am Jan. 24, 2003)