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Review of postings for GA-7XDR VCORE_OC mod ? (the latest posts first)
waltherstefan Erstellt: 22:44 am 21. Aug. 2002
sorry guys, but there is no english page for the gigabyte ga-7dxr. but i did the mod last time. if you want to know somethin just ask.

btw i used a adjustable resistor with 30kOhm in combination with a 10kOhm resistor. the soldering is very easy, you only have to solder like on the pictures of the german version.

so i got my vcore to a maximum of about 2.3V.
MMAXX Erstellt: 13:01 am 7. Okt. 2001
Is there one?
My, My, My! I didn't know!
Well actually I am german but english is a good language!
ocinside Erstellt: 16:43 am 20. Sep. 2001
Thanks !
But you know that there's also an english page, don't you ?
tai3k Erstellt: 15:55 am 20. Sep. 2001
Thank you very much ocinside,
Sorry for being late, my computer was down.  Here's what I did, instead of a 17k I used a 16K series with a high precision 3k pot adjusted to 17k.  That way I can adjusted less or more as I choose..
BTW, this side is awesome, very nice.  Wish I can read German..
ocinside Erstellt: 15:57 am 17. Sep. 2001
Hi, I thought that i already wrote it in english, but i'm wrong

Please look at this guide in german, there's a picture of the solder positions:

You just have to solder a 17k resistors to these points

The english guide is following soon, sorry once again.
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tai3k Erstellt: 1:41 am 17. Sep. 2001
Hi all,

I have a GA-7DXR mobo and the VCORE_OC is optional..  I'm interested in modification to get more than 1.85 vcore_oc. I've been searching everywhere and this site seems to have the answer for this but don't understand German:
Can someone help me and give me some detail process of what involve be side pin 7 of IC and pin 3 of transitor and a 17K ohm resistor of the above link?
Thank you very much