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Review of postings for Help Unlocking (the latest posts first)
KS Erstellt: 21:14 am 6. Dez. 2002
I suggest you get 1800+ T-bred. It comes factory unlocked. See picture in my post
Unterweltler Erstellt: 14:38 am 1. Dez. 2002
ocinside Erstellt: 22:34 am 7. Okt. 2002
You just need to connect one of the L3 bridge to get an 5 to 12,5x unlocked T-Bred CPU.
Please look at my interactive T-Bred painting guide for your T-Bred.
MercutioUK Erstellt: 21:59 am 6. Okt. 2002
I was actually looking for lower multipliers so I can get the most out of my memory/board (epox 8k5a3+ with corsair 3200 ram) without melting my thoroughbred. The board/ram should be good for 185fsb which would give me around 2800+.... as the 2200+ is known to run hot im not likely to get it to live too long at that kind of setting so want to unlock the 6-12.5 multiplier. I think this is done with some of the other bridges...anyone got any clues?
ocinside Erstellt: 18:49 am 6. Okt. 2002
Sorry, but i don't know a way how to complete ! unlock a T-Bred :ohwell:
May be i find a way in the future, but now it's necessary to paint the five L3 bridges to get higher multis than 12.5
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NWD Erstellt: 15:41 am 6. Okt. 2002
do u mean a normal XP or the Thoroubred ? think u mean the last one

i think you should ask jens ( ocinside ) because i dont know anyone who has this CPU

can u set up the Multiplier via BIOS / Jumpers
MercutioUK Erstellt: 15:13 am 6. Okt. 2002
Is there anyway to do a complete unlock on the XP t-breds? Ive seem the paint guide and was wondering if the L1 bridge 1-5 closed still unlocks it? Im a little uneasy about hard setting a completely new multiplier until ive tested my setup at higher FSB. Anyone able to help with this one?

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