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Review of postings for Asus A7M266 Vcore mod (the latest posts first)
NWD Erstellt: 20:17 am 29. Sep. 2002
woohoo its very hot..

but only 300 Mhz with 2,05 VCore ? ohoh
KS Erstellt: 20:14 am 29. Sep. 2002
I overclock Duron 950 to 1.24 GHz (9.5x133) using 2.05V vcore. CPU Temp 61C (load), MB temp 34C
NWD Erstellt: 13:48 am 29. Sep. 2002
sure .. ..
KS Erstellt: 9:23 am 29. Sep. 2002
I successfully mod Asus A7M266 vcore up by +0.25V by soldering a 8K Ohm resister from FB (Pin 7) to GND (Pin 9) of ADP3160 chip.

Would OC-inside be interested to post this on the web?
NWD Erstellt: 14:57 am 25. Sep. 2002
i think it is the same mod as the a7a / a7v - 266 ..

with an 50kOhm resistor u got +0,2

more is impossible because of the overvoltage - saving by the bios ..

but ask jens ( ocinside ) in an PM .. think he knows what to do
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KS Erstellt: 23:10 am 24. Sep. 2002
Could you pls help me with the vcore mod of Asus A7M266?
The m/b uses ADP3160 and 2 units ADP3412 as the voltage regulator and driver respectively. I notice in the workshop that to mod the vcore is to connect a resistor from FB to GND. Is that all I have to do with A7M266? and How many Ohm do I have to use for this one to increase about +0.2V?
Thank you