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Review of postings for intel socket P CPU multiplier unlock. (the latest posts first)
ocinside Erstellt: 9:11 am 29. Sep. 2009
:lol: no I don't black list it for fun, so I hope there're no further problems with this IP range
But I see that you already know what you're doing - so good luck flashing the SPD and don't hesitate to post your results and experiences :thumb:
moral hazard Erstellt: 8:52 am 29. Sep. 2009
Yes, I was thinking about hotplugging also
I will try it.

I have done it before to save some bricked ram.

I will pull the WP pin low again.
Then I guess I should tape all of the pins except for the SPD pins.
Then boot with good ram and hot plug the modified ram.

Also the notebook is just a test rig so it's not a problem if it happens to fry.


EDIT: I finished downloading so feel free to black list my IP again

(Geändert von moral hazard um 9:02 am Sep. 29, 2009)

(Geändert von moral hazard um 9:06 am Sep. 29, 2009)
ocinside Erstellt: 8:41 am 29. Sep. 2009
Hmm, if you've already tried to mod the WP pins ...
May be it's possible to flash it by hot plugging with another module, but of course it's a little bit risky and I don't like that you fry your hardware.
BTW.: don't forget to check the temperatures under load - especially when you overclock notebooks.
moral hazard Erstellt: 8:27 am 29. Sep. 2009

One more quick question, is there any chance you know how to remove write protection from the EEPROM of ram?
I would like to flash my SPD, but it has WP enabled...

I tried to modify the WP pin on the EEPROM but it wouldn't let me boot

Thanks again, and BTW great website, it's very interesting to read
ocinside Erstellt: 8:20 am 29. Sep. 2009
All download links are working fine, but your IP isn't working fine, because it was used for server hacks and so it was on our black list.
Try it once again, it's currently enabled until the next attack ...

Of course it's possible to deactivate IDA of your Intel processor for example in the advanced CPU settings of the RMClock Utility.
But the Intel Dynamic Acceleration is no permanent overclocking tool, so it's just possible to enable or disable this feature
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moral hazard Erstellt: 6:55 am 29. Sep. 2009
There are a lot of broken links.
Can you give me a link to "newspeed.exe"?

Also, is there any info you can tell me about how intel locks the multiplier?

As I'v already said, I am already overclocking the FSB.
I would now like to increase the multi to 11x.

Is there any way to force IDA to be always on and have both CPU cores active?
ocinside Erstellt: 20:21 am 28. Sep. 2009
Sorry, I've no hardwire pinmod for your CPU, but don't hesitate to try OC Tools like CPUMSR, RM Clock Utility, etc. - here is a software list with useful downloads.
moral hazard Erstellt: 6:00 am 28. Sep. 2009

I have been overclocking my notebook with setfsb for a while, you can see how I did it here:

My ram is not stable @ 900mhz so I cannot overclock the FSB any further.

My CPU is a T7300 2ghz stock.
My maximum temp @2.66ghz is 82C:thumb:

I would like to increase the multiplier to 11x.

I have noticed many pins on my CPU are reseved.
I wonder if they can be used to unlock the multiplier?

Can anyone give me any info, also any link to a successful intel CPU multiplier unlock?:godlike: