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Review of postings for pinmod voltage control AM2 (the latest posts first)
ketyow Erstellt: 11:00 am 29. Okt. 2007
I've got 1,35V now - 2,6GHz is max but 2,55GHz is max if I want to save memory multiplier CPU/5. At 2,8 GHz also memory clocks was high and it was best option. I must buy better cooling I see. Thanks
ocinside Erstellt: 13:39 am 28. Okt. 2007
Sorry, but if the default voltage is 1.35 Volt, there's no choice for other voltages except 1.35 and 1.55 Volt.
Because it's not possible to change 1.35 Volt to 1.40, 1.45, or 1.50 Volt by using neighbour pins.

But if you get 75°C on 1.55 Volt it's absolutely too high!
Try a better CPU cooler and/or case fans or reduce the Vcore, because this temperature could damage your CPU soon or later ...
ketyow Erstellt: 12:14 am 28. Okt. 2007
sorry, I didn't see, there is an picture of 1,35V set. hope x2 3800 will go at 2,8ghz with 1,35V.
Schermi74 Erstellt: 11:43 am 28. Okt. 2007

i dont realy know much about AM2, but i remember that problem from the XP time, some of the connections were allready closed by default at the CPU, so you only could set connections with the opened cuts, im not sure but i think its the same with AM2.(?)
ketyow Erstellt: 11:05 am 28. Okt. 2007
I've done pinmod on AM2 socket for 1,55 vcore because I can't change voltage using motherboard. And thought that when I do pinmod I will be able to set eq. 1,4V and no - I can't. On 1,55V core temperature gets to 75'C and this is too high, what can I do to unvolt my CPU to 1,35V or 1,4? When I set something else than 1,55 in "amd socket am2 pinmod guide" I see not pins what I should connect but writing "reserved"... What is going about?

(Geändert von ketyow um 11:51 am Okt. 28, 2007)