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Review of postings for AMD question, and hello! (the latest posts first)
darkcrawler Erstellt: 5:35 am 14. Aug. 2002
xp 1400+ to 200+ :lol:

drunk 2 many :beer:  ???

actually: xp 1500+ to 2200+
NWD Erstellt: 17:00 am 3. Mai 2002
*think* -> translating .. ..

ah, jetzt ja

AM Athlon XP -> The newest AMD - CPU ( it is the expensive one from XP 1400+ (?) to XP 200+ ) It is one with a new engine ( QuadSpeed or sonething like that dont know the englisch specificatoins ( spelling ? )

AMD Athlon MP -> I think it means MultiProcessors .. .. not really sure but i think u need this CPU when you have more than one CPU on a multi-processor board

"Morgan" is a new Core for all AMD Duron Processors, all new Durons with 1 Ghz or faster have this core.. .. <- it is better to OC

hope i helped u -> ask if there are some understanding problems
Gersen Erstellt: 19:01 am 2. Mai 2002
Howdy, and guten Tag, y'all!  I am new to this board.  I have a question for ya, and a link you may find useful...

The question:  On many hardware/overclocking sites I see messages about AMD CPUs and what can be done with a Morgan, and XP, or an MP, etc, etc...   Now I know how to decode an AMD CPU's marking to determine Vcore and bus speed and all that, but how do I tell which of these names apply to it???  The technical advice I find is useless to me so far if it refers to a core by name...   help me out?

Oh, and the link: is great for translating text, which comes in handy on this site!