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Review of postings for Gigabyte's K7 Triton motherboard and sensors (the latest posts first)
ocinside Erstellt: 16:45 am 8. Aug. 2006
No problem
Compare all temperature sensors and I'm sure you'll find out the right sensor.
Then give them a name and you'll never have this confusing again :blubb:
Mr Weedy Erstellt: 16:27 am 8. Aug. 2006
Okay. I see but thanks for your explanation for that.
ocinside Erstellt: 8:52 am 8. Aug. 2006
It's nearly impossible for us to say, that Sensor 1, 2, 3, etc. is temperature CPU, Mobo, etc.
I think this is the reason, why you didn't get an answer...
The problem is, that it depends on your Motherboard Monitor program settings if and which temperature is shown on your desktop.

There're several temp sensors on your mainboard (sometimes up to three), so I'm not sure which you've selected in the software.
When it's going up very fast while starting the PC, it should be one of the chipset sensors and if it's for a long time about ~30-35°C, it might be a sensor somewhere else on your motherboard (usually between or near the expansion card slots).

BTW. when you remove the external PSU sensor cable, it's not sure that you get something about 0°C - the resistor value goes out of the known range and you'll just see any temperature.
Anyway, you should see a difference (but not zero) if you're watching
the right sensor ...
Mr Weedy Erstellt: 12:02 am 5. Aug. 2006
I'm still waiting...

If someone knows something about those sensors tell me.
Mr Weedy Erstellt: 16:05 am 14. Juni 2006
Yesterday when I tested all my fans and temperature sensors I found out that my temperature sensors are little mysterious.

I tested all fans and when I came to power supply's fan, I took of its sensor wire and power supply's fan's rpms dropped as should but when I saw that my power supply's temperature sensor didn't drop down to zero I was bit confused.

And I was confirmed that it just didn't freeze there because it waved a bit around 29 and 30 Celsius.

Well I moved forward and left that to bit later.

Then I came to my cpu's and motherboard's temperature sensors. They were around 56 and 43, cpu around 56 Celsius and motherboard around 43 as Motherboard Monitor 5 told me. When I checked the temperatures from Everest it told me that motherboard's temperature was that so called "30 Celsius" sensor's reading. When I opened Fresh Diagnose to see the temperature for motherboard it told me that it was that so called "43 Celsius" sensor's temperature.

But I'm pretty sure that "43 Celsius" sensor's reading means for real motherboard's temperature. But I'm totally lost with this "30 Celsius" sensor. Everest tells me that is motherboard's temperature and Fresh Diagnose tells me that it is Power/Aux's temperature.

But I have Radeon 9800 Pro AIW graphic card so it can't be that's temperature. And as I told earlier it isn't power supply's temperature either because that reading didn't drop when I took the sensor's wire off. Only fan's rpms dropped to zero.

So question is:

What temperature does that so called "30 Celsius" sensor show to me?
And is that so called "43 Celsius" sensor's reading for sure my motherboard's reading?

Oh and here are my computer's specs:

Processor: Amd Athlon XP 2600+
Motherboard: Gigabyte's K7 Triton, GA-7N400 Pro2
Graphic card: Radeon 9800 Pro AIW

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