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Review of postings for Question about USB infrared receiver to PC (the latest posts first)
ocinside Erstellt: 13:22 am 6. Juni 2006
This isn't an USB device, so you can't connect this non-USB device to an USB Port (OK, you can, but it won't work !).
metro99 Erstellt: 12:53 am 6. Juni 2006
mybe i didnt clear myself,
the usb cable does not belong to the Infrared, I took it from other device.. and the infrared was belong to the satellite Tv..

you can see here more pictures mybe can help.
The infrared deavice is like this one in the picture:
its called "TV Link"
this image of the infrared without plastics..
ocinside Erstellt: 18:53 am 5. Juni 2006
Why should your receiver "burn" ???
(if it's a receiver and no IrDA device)
If you've cutted the cable (why ever) and solder it back again, it should work.
It's not possible to give you more support with these pictures and without any informations what happened to this receiver, etc.
metro99 Erstellt: 18:46 am 5. Juni 2006
ok, thanks.  but the question is, when ill connect each color of Infrared to the usb cable, and connect the USB to my computer, the Infrared will be burn ??
ocinside Erstellt: 15:16 am 4. Juni 2006
Your USB cable should have the same colors.
black = GND, white (or yellow) = data (-), green (or blue) = data (+), red = VCC + 5 volt
But there's no special color code for an infrared diode.
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metro99 Erstellt: 19:43 am 2. Juni 2006
[I hope its the correct forum for that question]
Hello, I'v read the article about the Question about USB infrared receiver to PC and I want to do it, but I dont need to make the reciver cuz i already have one. I would like to know how to connect it to the usb cable i have.

the reciver got 3 wires: red,blue,green.
the usb cable got 4:black,white,red,green.

I put photos so u can understand it better:

the Infra-Red receiver
The Infra-Red wires
The USB cable wires

Thanks alot.