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Review of postings for Unlock multiplier on Barton 2500+ ? (the latest posts first)
ueker123 Erstellt: 17:37 am 21. Juli 2006
It is like Beomaster told you.

Multi isn't changeable!!:thumb:
fryc88 Erstellt: 14:57 am 7. Juni 2006
about the temps, on my Epox 8rda+ i think i got lower temps, Motherboard Monitor tells me i got 34 degrees on fsb 133, but i think is TOO low...but now, my comp is on desk, without 'housing'(dont know the word )
silvest Erstellt: 9:09 am 3. April 2006
unfortunately no. FSB can only go up to 218.. at 220 prime 95 keeps crashing.. It's not the RAM, but the CPU..

vcore is already at 1.75.. (my mobo only allows very little options to increase vcore. it allows "default", "+5%", "+7.5%" and "+10%". right now i'm at 7.5% so i have one last chance, but then vcore would be around 1.78 to 1.8v). temps is 52C idle and 57C load (but my mobo reads temps 8-12 degrees higher than ABit or others. if i change the bios revision to F1, then reported temperatures will reduce).


At last, the Gigabyte FAQ for OCWorkbench has been released.

The motherboards that will be mentioned in this FAQ will be:

nForce3 (K8 Platform)
GA-K8N Pro

nForce2 (K7 Platform)
GA-7N400 Pro
GA-7N400 Pro2

Even if your motherboard is not listed (i.e the popular 7S748), some of these problems may apply to your board. Have a quick skim if that's the case.

MOST COMMON USER PROBLEMS: (this applies to most new Gigabyte motherboards)
Q: AHH! My temps are skyrocketing! My CPU is idling at 50+ degrees Celsius! What's wrong?!
A: Recent Gigabyte boards read the temperature from the CPU diode, rather than from a socket sensor. Therefore, you should expect temps that are about 8-12 degrees higher than usual.


As proof, you should try flashing the first ever BIOS for your motherboard; you should see temps ~10 degrees lower.

I know that for my nForce2 motherboard, the 7N400-L, that the F1 BIOS will make temps ~10 degrees lower.

So, I guess my temps are still okay~

(Geändert von silvest um 9:11 am April 3, 2006)
Beomaster Erstellt: 12:58 am 31. März 2006
No, you have no chance to  unlock your CPU, if the chipset wouldnt be a nforce2, you could do the mobile mod...
will your CPU go higher if you give her a good cooling and raise a bit the VCore?
silvest Erstellt: 7:04 am 31. März 2006
oh and btw, I'm using a gigabyte (GA-7N400-L) Nforce2 motherboard
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silvest Erstellt: 6:52 am 31. März 2006
I have a Barton 2500+ (I think it's week 25 of year 2004 so it has a locked multi).

Question is, is it possible to unlock the multiplier?
I currently have it overclocked at 218 x 11 and can't go any higher... but my RAM has still lots of potential..