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Review of postings for Help with pin-mod on a Duron (the latest posts first)
zooba Erstellt: 14:47 am 23. Jan. 2006
Thank you Beo. Looks like I don't have the luck.
Beomaster Erstellt: 11:00 am 23. Jan. 2006
I would guess for mobiles and old cores (Palomino, Morgan or even older) it is not possible to set multi with Pinmod, maybe painting is your only chance
zooba Erstellt: 6:18 am 23. Jan. 2006
Hello everyone, I had a problem when trying to overclock a Duron (Morgan core) using pin-modding.  I found there's nothing about Duron pin-modding in OCINSIDE.DE. The pin-mod guide includes solutions to AthlonXP Tbred and Barton but not Duron. And I went to and downloaded some of their datasheets on Duron Model 7. I checked out all the VID and FID pins, but found that only the VID pins are effective.  
Now I'm overclocking this Duron (DHM0800ALS1B, it's a mobile CPU with L1 bridges closed) at 1.1GHz (5.5*200) at 1.625v.  I left all L11 bridges open and set vcore through pin-modding, but I had to paint L3 and L4 bridges as I can't set multiplier using pin-mod since the FID pins are not working.
Now, could anyone tell me the pin pattern of this mobile Morgan Duron? My refference comes from
I've tried it, but if I let L3 and L4 bridges stay open it won't work.