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Review of postings for multiplier change!! (the latest posts first)
ocinside Erstellt: 17:12 am 28. März 2002
Nope, this should work well !
Please measure each bridge to ground, if you've a shortage inside one of the bridges.
RISKA Erstellt: 2:18 am 28. März 2002
Damm it does not work i tryed it 10 times whit all from 10 to 15.5 it will simply not work i have also tryed to unlock and that did not work eighter i have notised that my xp2000 have different L. bridges the gap between them is only 0.8 MM vide i have messured it whit a millimeter messuring tool i am just stock!!!!!!!:down::questionmark::hell::wall::cold::bomb::grr::help::megacry::toilet::crazy:
RISKA Erstellt: 14:34 am 27. März 2002
thanks alot then i wanna try it out!! to night!! i will post later to tell how it went!"!:ocinside::smurf::dance:
ocinside Erstellt: 8:54 am 27. März 2002
Yes, because your mainboard doesn't have to detect anything when you leave the five L1 bridges open

Just change the multi over the bridges, that's all you have to do.
May be your board doesn't show you an Athlon XP ... + but the shown frequency should be right.
RISKA Erstellt: 22:48 am 26. März 2002
i am thinken of  if it is possible of changen the multiplier on a xp 2000
cpu to 13.5 using the guide on because my ep-8k7a mobo
only goes up to 12.5 with dip switches??
can the mobo detect the cpu on a multiplier over 12.5??:help::help: