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Review of postings for A7M266-D overclok (the latest posts first)
Fronk Erstellt: 11:07 am 18. Nov. 2004
Speaking of Barton , you mean which one ? mobile or XP ?
take a look at L5 to learn something about the L5 issue. If you choose the desktop XP Barton I think you will have to make an L5 connection - if you use the mobiles than you are lucky because they aren`t SMP disabled.
Fronk Erstellt: 11:00 am 18. Nov. 2004
Hi ! I would suggest that you switch to the socket view and use the wire method , because its simple, easy and you can change it if something doesn`t work. I think I`ve heard that you don`t have to apply the L5 mod with the A7M266-D but I´m not sure. If you want more information about the A7M266-D I would suggest that you take a look at the forums of

I`ve done similar with my K7D Master-L MSI motherboard and 2 mobile XP`s 2600. They had no problems with a multi of 17 and 140 FSB = 2380 MHz. But I have to warn you although , the vcore0 did get instable after 0,5 years of operation at 100% - but this is maybe a specific problem of MSI ...?  
juan Erstellt: 5:12 am 18. Nov. 2004
hi all. i'd like to overclock my asus a7m266-d to run a barton 2.600+ or a 2.800+. 'd like to set the multiplier to 15 or 16 x . what i really have to know to do it? sould i use the the PCB view? should i have to do what i see at the pcb view on the both sockets?. please try help me.

thx!  :thumb:

sorry i don't speak german. :noidea: