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Review of postings for unlock 13x multipliers & above!!!!! (the latest posts first)
darkcrawler Erstellt: 3:16 am 23. Juni 2004
at first select "socket view" on the left panel in the workshop and the default multiplier (11) of your barton-cpu

u'll see that 5 "bridges" on the right now (3 in the first line and 2 other on the second)

please change the selection of the multi from 11 to 13 now and u'll recognize that 2 of the 5 "bridges" are different now (the first/left of each line) and you just have to put in that 2 difference-"bridges" (use a fine U-wire) in the socket.

if everything is fine, your pc will boot up with multi of 13 and u should be able to select multis above 13 now
WiseGuy Erstellt: 23:53 am 18. Juni 2004
You just have to connect the to pins. that's it and then it'll be possible to put the multiplier to 13 and above
ROTOR Erstellt: 20:09 am 16. Juni 2004
Anyone can help me????????
ROTOR Erstellt: 21:56 am 14. Juni 2004

first I´m Spanish & my english is very very poor.

I have a Barton 2500+ with multipliers 5x to 12.5x free, if I try to put 13x multipliers or above my system not boot up.

My system actualy is

Barton 2500+@2800+ (12.5*166) at 1.6v
512 MB DDR 333 KINGSTOM at 166Mhz 2-2-2-6 at 2.7v

because my chipset is a KT-400 ( max divisor FSB/PCI = 5 ) & it don´t fix the AGP/PCI frecuency, the max FSB that it suport my MB with one module of DDR 400Mhz ( that one friend it rendered ) is arond 180 MHz with a 36/72MHz (PCI/AGP) frecuency.

the final speed than y can obtain is 12.5x180 = 2250 MHZ.

I would like free the 13x multipliers and above, to raise my final speed around the ~2350MHz

I seeing your´s fantanstic web :godlike: &, I would like to know if I make the pin-mod you will multiply 13x and above???? to put 13x multipliers & above via BIOS.

anyone can help me????????