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Review of postings for Fried or not? That is the question (the latest posts first)
Bliemsr Erstellt: 16:29 am 14. Sep. 2004
I guess you were talking about 3000+ MHz, which is another
rating than real 3000 MHz, right?

But now you got us curious, dude. If you're still around, why don't
you pls tell us what you did in order to get your XP fried?
I mean, what kind of voltage did you give to your poor CPU?
What happened?
Vlerkies Erstellt: 9:53 am 28. April 2004
Thx for the advice, but my mate tested it on his computer and the same thing happened and he also cleared the cmos and still nothing. But it's ok, getting a brand spanking new Athlon XP 3000+ this weekend :thumb:
Svenauskr Erstellt: 9:35 am 28. April 2004
In my opinion it was no good idea to oc your cpu up to 3ghz with Standard aircooling.

Actually noone on this board got that high with a 1700+

Try the clear cmos option on your board to reset it to default factory options. And try to stick to real 2400mhz. I think it's more than enough, what you can get put of your 1700+.
Vlerkies Erstellt: 7:38 am 28. April 2004
Can anyone please help me?

All i want to know is if i have to buy a new Processor :thumb:
Vlerkies Erstellt: 16:21 am 26. April 2004
Heya guys, i got an AMD Athlon XP 1700+ which i decided to oc. I read the interactive painting guides etc, and managed to oc it to 2.50 GHz using air cooling, i just replaced the stock fan on the HS with a Sytem fan and to my amazement it actually ran at the same temp it used to before overclocking which is 47 degrees.

I then decided that i want more and followed the guide to oc'ing it to 3GHz, the problem is that after cutting and connecting the neccesary bridges my rig wouldn't boot up, i then started thinking that i fried the chip and banged my head against the wall in stupidity :blubb:

After that i decided to try and undo what i did and get it back to 2.50 GHz but to no avail, i then started thinking that my mobo has been fried and after that i started thinking that my Geforce FX 5200 was fried :noidea:

Can someone please help me? is there a way to undo what has been done? Is it my CPU, my mobo or my GFX that is fried? Do i need to buy a new CPU or do i need to replace everything? Can it be fixed?

Thx in advance for the help