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Review of postings for Hope you'll understand all words :-) (the latest posts first)
asamCrazyinge Erstellt: 1:05 am 10. März 2002
you have forgot

"dobruij utro it´s russian for good morning"

or not?
SirHenry Erstellt: 10:30 am 28. Dez. 2001
it´s because we have to few posts in the english section - so we try to increase postings by posting offtopics :lol:  

so well -  shut up and :posten:  :lol:
daniel Erstellt: 19:15 am 27. Dez. 2001
ohhhhhhhh my god!!! I thought this is a forum about overclocking!!!!!!! I can't believe it!! This is much better than Offtopic!!

(Geändert von daniel um 18:54 am Dez. 28, 2001)
SirHenry Erstellt: 7:05 am 15. Nov. 2001
"mus of früchte" ???

you mean  "matsch-pampe"  ? :gulp:    :lol: :lol:
NalleBear Erstellt: 2:30 am 23. Okt. 2001
@Linux: :lol:

@NWD: Where's your dictionary??? :lol: ("mus of Früchte" :lol:)
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Linuxartist Erstellt: 0:48 am 17. Okt. 2001

Never heard about that!

I dont wanna try it out!
"What the farmer does not now, he dont wanna eat/drink! " :lol:

cu LA
NWD Erstellt: 0:37 am 17. Okt. 2001

when u make marmelade u take "Gelierzucker" and juice for Gelee or a "mus" of Früchte for normal marmelade..

And now u take Wine + Gelierzucker = Weingelee !!! BIG Taste and some Alc too
Linuxartist Erstellt: 0:26 am 17. Okt. 2001
marmelade out of wine???

wine on bread, or marmelad in a (drink) glas???

cu LA
NWD Erstellt: 0:24 am 17. Okt. 2001
I think i can put this Topic and the English-LT and the "Nur 1 User im Forum"-Topic to my Bookmarks *gg*

p.s. Have u ever tried to make Marmelade out of Wine ?? IT ROCKS AND RULZ !
Linuxartist Erstellt: 0:21 am 17. Okt. 2001
u are welcome!

cu LA