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Scali Erstellt: 2:13 am 14. Jan. 2005
Well don't worry, I'm not expecting miracles
If I could just get 30-40% more performance than I have now, I'd be happy.
It just seems that it'd be much cheaper to buy a new CPU now, if it works. Else I'd have to buy CPU and board and memory. And then I wouldn't want Socket A either, but a 64 bit system, either Athlon64 or the new P4. And I'd probably want PCI-e too, but then I'd have to upgrade my videocard too...
So I just want to stretch the lifetime of my system a while, then I can save money and buy a proper dream system
Athlonxp2800 Erstellt: 0:27 am 14. Jan. 2005
it don´t think that the slow sdram in combination with a barton 512 k
could accelerate your system effective .
Before you do that check out your money bag :lol:
and perhaps you could do a moderate upgrade to Athlon 64
Because your Board is in my Eyes to old..

(Geändert von Athlonxp2800 um 0:27 am Jan. 14, 2005)
Scali Erstellt: 23:29 am 13. Jan. 2005
Ah, so a Barton will actually work? That's good news.
The voltage should not be a problem... my board can be set between 1.55v and 1.85v or so.
The multiplier would be a problem...
I'd have to buy a really fast Barton to make it run good with my lower bus speed. But I could try to overclock my bus, I guess. Then it would depend on my memory how fast it will go.
However, I've seen that there are XP-Mobile CPUs aswell, they run at 266 MHz bus, but do have the 512 kb cache of the Barton.
I could get a 2600+ or 2800+ of those perhaps, and pray it works too   (problem there could be the powersaving, I heard that it runs at the lowest speed by default on some boards).

I really want a 512 kb model anyway, because my memory is slow (PC133 sdram). The more cache, the better

Thanks for the info.

Anyone else know people who run new CPUs with KT133A?

(Geändert von Scali um 23:38 am Jan. 13, 2005)
Beomaster Erstellt: 22:35 am 13. Jan. 2005
I was running my Barton 2500+ on the KT133A of my friend (but of course only with 1466 MHz, the Multi was locked)
and what was very importend
we found out the voltage has to be set manual
otherwise, there is the danger that a modern CPU will get Voltages that are only coolable with Water or liquid nitrogen (I guess round about 2V it would have benn on my Barton)

The KT266 will run with every Socket  CPU without Problem
a good solution will be a Mobile Barton
or if available an unlocked Barton, because the FSB is only 133
Scali Erstellt: 22:27 am 13. Jan. 2005
Please excuse the English, my German isn't that great (I can understand it, but I can't write it very well).

I currently have an MSI K7T Turbo board with 1800+, and I would like to upgrade the CPU if possible.
Problem is... officially the 1800+ is the fastest CPU for my board.
However, it shares the BIOS with the Turbo 2 revision, which supports up to 2600+.
I've seen people on forums who are running a 2400+ Tbred 'A' on older revisions of the board, and it works okay. So it seems that my board can support CPUs faster than 1800+, at least with Palomino and Tbred 'A' core.

But you can't buy those CPUs anymore... You can only get Tbred 'B', Barton, and those new Semprons and such.
I've also seen people who had problems with a Tbred 'B' on older boards, because the multiplier was not working properly (I suppose the pin mod could fix that).

So, what I would like to know is... Does anyone know what Socket A CPUs can actually work (stable) on KT133A boards, and what kind of mods they require?
And what is the fastest CPU you've seen working on a KT133A board?
(I'd like to just upgrade my CPU for now, since you can get very fast CPUs for less than 100e now... then I can delay a complete upgrade for another year or so).
By the way, I also have a KT266A (Asus A7V266-E) motherboard here somewhere.. with pretty much the same problem... Officially it only supports up to 2600+... but could I get faster CPUs working on it?

Thanks in advance

(Geändert von Scali um 22:29 am Jan. 13, 2005)